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May 30, 2022

Realms Guide

Creating a realm

  • Any player with gamer status can create a new realm with /realm create.
  • A player can create or own up to 1 realm at the moment.
  • Gamer status is needed to create or join a realm. Gamer status is accumulated by voting at herobrine.org/vote.

Inviting members to a realm

  • The realm owner can invite with /realm panel <realm> invite <player>.
  • An invited player can accept an invite with /realm invites accept <realm> or deny an invite with /realm invites deny <realm>.
  • When an invite is accepted, the player becomes a member of the realm.
  • Pending invites from realms can be viewed with /realm invites.
  • A realm can currently have up to 50 members and up to 50 pending invites at the same time.
  • A player can be a member in up to 20 realms.

Managing a realm

  • Realm info can be viewed with /realm info.
  • Realm members can be viewed with /realm info <realm> members.
  • Pending realm invites to players can be viewed with /realm info <realm> invites.
  • The realm owner can kick a realm member with /realm panel <realm> kick <player>.