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1. Play Fair

Follow the spirit of the game and do not spoil the gameplay of others.

Examples of what is unfair.

  • Using a mod for an unfair advantage, like a hacked client, auto clicker, or xray.
  • Using an exploit for an unfair advantage, like abusing an unintended game mechanic.
  • Using an alternate account for an unfair advantage or to ban evade.
  • Gameplay griefing, like trolling or player trapping.
  • Server griefing, like lagging the server or duping.
  • Trading with real-world money or items.

2. Be Respectful

Address others with respect and do not engage in hurtful behavior.

Examples of what is disrespectful.

  • Name-calling or being rude.
  • Discriminating or harassing.
  • Threatening or inciting harm.
  • Impersonating or spreading rumors.
  • Sharing personal information.

3. Be Appropriate

Interact in ways that welcomes everyone in the community.

Examples of what is inappropriate

  • Bypassing the chat filter.
  • Spamming in the chat.
  • Using indecent language or discussing an indecent topic.
  • Discussing a controversial topic like politics or religion.
  • Discussing a deeply negative experience like self-harm.
  • Speaking in another language than English in a public chat.
  • Building or naming anything indecently.
  • Promoting other Minecraft servers or services.